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How does this work?

We Buy the Tickets

To simplify this step we purchased season passes for both the Powerball and MegaMillions. We keep the same sets of numbers for each drawing. We have two number sets for each. We then create a pool for each of the drawings our tickets are in. See our pools page for the numbers.

Users Join

Users like you, join, and enter our pools. Currently we limit users to only two pools at a time. Come back after each drawing to enter more!

We split the prize

If the pool you joined wins, we will share a piece of the cash prize! We only pay out prizes of $10 or more, to offset the costs of the site. For example if a pool wins $100,000 and there are 10 people in that pool, each user would get $10,000! If we win $20 and there are 10 users in the pool this would be less than $10 per person and we use that $20 to buy more tickets. We use your email provided to contact you if you won, and so we can get the proper address to mail the prize to.

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Really? All this for FREE!? That's right, this site is supported by the lower winnings and ad revenue. We will try and keep ads to a minimum, but these do help us create more pools and more chances for you to win!